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Issue Time:2019-04-23
GETWICK Tungsten washers are known for their extreme high density; because of this unique attribute, they are often used for balancing rotating parts. Tungsten's high mass also makes these washers radiopaque. This allows tungsten washers to block radiation and show up well on x-rays – even better than lead. Another unique attribute of tungsten is its extrmely high melting point of 3420°C. The high temperature stability of tungsten washers make them ideal for some of the hottest vacuum furnace environments. Beyond their high mass and temperature stability,tungsten washers are also very corrosion resistant.
GETWICK Tungsten washers are usually made from tungsten alloys per ASTM B777, and range from 90% to 97% pure tungsten, alloyed with nickel and copper or nickel and iron.

The aerospace industry depends on the tungsten washers for their combination of high density and mechanical strength which allows them to reduce the physical size of components, offering greater control of weight distribution for propellers, inertial systems and fluid control systems to name a few.The heat treating / furnace industry uses tungsten washers in high temperature vacuum furnaces due to tungstens great high temperature strength & stability.The oil & gas industry uses tungsten washers for radiation shielding properties to protect equipment used in oil and gas detection, as well as down hole logging for density and ability to withstand intense hydrostatic pressure
Tungsten washers also play a role in the medical community for their low magnetic properties as well as their radiopaque properties.