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Molybdenum Fasteners From GETWICK

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Molybdenum Fasteners From GETWICK
Issue Time:2019-03-05
Molybdenum Fasteners From GETWICK
Pure Molybdenum fasteners have excellent heat resistance, with their melting point being at 2,623 degrees C. Useful for heat resistant devices such as sputtering equipment and high temperature furnaces.
Molybdenum Screws
Molybdenum screws are produced for high temperature vacuum environments. We produce three head types in both ANSI and metric sizes. We stock these refractory screws in standard lengths, but can also produce custom lengths and custom features. Please take note of the sketch provided for screw specs.
Molybdenum Nuts
Molybdenum refractory nuts are available in both inch and metric sizing. We stock many sizes and shapes, and offer a same day shipping policy.
Molybdenum Washers
Molybdenum refractory washers are available in both inch and metric sizes. Washers help to distribute the load of a threaded fastener. All standard sizes are available.
We can supply you with bolts, screws and nuts made of molybdenum, tungsten as well as a wide range of alloys that perfectly meet the needs of your project.