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Sapphire Growth Furnace Parts--Getwick Metal

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Sapphire Growth Furnace Parts--Getwick Metal
Issue Time:2019-02-21
Sapphire Growth Furnace Parts--Getwick Metal
Sapphire is a component of alumina, due to trace elements of titanium (Ti4+) or iron (Fe2+) and blue. Belonging to the three party system. The crystal forms are usually tube shaped, short column, plate and so on. Transparent to translucent, glass luster.
Sapphire is a single crystal of aluminum oxide with excellent mechanical, optical, chemical and radiation resistance, so it is widely used in optical components and machinery manufacturing and other industries. At present in the production of blue white LED used in the substrate material is mainly sapphire. Because of the long service life, low power consumption and high luminous efficiency of blue white LED, LED has become the mainstream of the future.   
Because tungsten and molybdenum materials have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and low pollution, the thermal field assembly of the sapphire crystal furnace is widely used, including a crucible, a crucible cover, a heating body, a heat insulation screen, a supporting rod, a base, etc.. Provide the sapphire crystal growth furnace thermal field and its components of high-quality Getwick metal materials for you.
Main product advantage:
● We are engaged in the earlier research and production enterprises of tungsten and molybdenum materials.
● we have a wealth of experience in the production of tungsten crucible, can produce a variety of different levels of tungsten crucible, can be customized according to customer requirements, to fully meet your requirements.
● Crucible surface roughness with this finish, the crystal is easy to take out from the crucible, without any damage, and the crystal surface is also a special smooth.
● No oven. The tungsten crucible in general, in the long before have crystal oven. The use of the company's tungsten crucible in the first furnace to grow a qualified single crystal, reduce production costs.
● good creep resistance to ensure the consistency of the product size, after several times of the use of the overall size of the consistency of the good.
Other sapphire thermal field components: