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Glassware And Ceramics

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Glassware And Ceramics
Issue Time:2019-02-15
Glassware And Ceramics
Application characteristics:
Because of the high melting point, high temperature physical strength and creep resistance of tungsten and molybdenum, it is widely used in the glass ceramics smelting industry, such as heater, crucible, material table and so on. Getwick metal has many years of experience in quartz glass melting and smelting industry of ceramic processing, has a number of customers to provide mature and stable high temperature melting with tungsten and molybdenum component, and has won wide acclaim from customers. Due to many years of experience in the industry, for the control of each process on the very accurate, so to ensure the stability of the material.
Getwick material has high temperature resistance, anti creep and long service life, high cost. Getwick has a strong technical team, to solve the problem for you. In the technical aspects of research, has been doing a deeper step of the material research, and continuously improve the performance and life of the material.