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Molybdenum Target

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Molybdenum Target
Issue Time:2019-01-23
Molybdenum Target
Sputtering technology is one of the main techniques in preparation of thin film materials, it uses ions generated in the ion source, in vacuum after accelerated aggregation, and the formation of ion beam bombardment can high speed flow, solid surface, solid surface atoms and ion kinetic energy exchange, the original sub surface of solid solid left and deposited on the substrate surface. The solid is bombarded with raw materials of sputtered films, known as sputtering target. Various types of sputtered thin film materials have been widely used in semiconductor integrated circuit, recording medium, plane display and surface coating of workpiece.
Application of sputtering target:
The sputtering target is mainly used in electronic and information industry, such as integrated circuit, liquid crystal display, information storage, laser memory, electronic control devices, etc.; can also be applied to the field of glass coating; can also be used in high temperature resistant materials, corrosion resistance, high grade decoration products and other industries. GETWICK tungsten molybdenum target and is widely used in photovoltaic, TFT-LCD and other modern industrial.
The sputtering target has higher requirements on the purity, the general requirements of molybdenum sputtering target purity reached more than 99.95%, and has good corrosion resistance and density. GETWICK through the research and production of more than 10 years of experience, has been able to produce very stable performance products, for you to save costs, create more value.