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MOCVD Application --Getwick Metal

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MOCVD Application --Getwick Metal
Issue Time:2019-01-16
MOCVD Application -- Getwick Metal

    MOCVD is in the III group and the II group elements and organic compounds V, VI element hydride as crystal growth source material on a substrate by vapor phase epitaxy on thermal decomposition reaction, thin single crystal material growth -V III, II-VI compound semiconductor and their multicomponent solid solution. Usually the crystal growth in the MOCVD system is in normal pressure or low pressure (10-100Torr) through the wall of quartz H2 (stainless steel) of the reaction chamber, the substrate temperature of 500-1200, RF induction heating graphite base (in graphite substrate above the base), H2 liquid source temperature can be controlled by drum microbubbles metal organic growth zone.

    ● a wide range of application, almost all of the compound and alloy semiconductor
    ● it is very suitable for the growth of all kinds of heterogeneous materials
    ● Can grow ultrathin epitaxial layers, and can get a very steep interface transition
    ● growth is easy to control
    ● a material that can grow very high purity
    ● epitaxial layers of large area uniformity
    ● mass production can be carried out
    Provide MOCVD application component quality GETWICK metal materials for you

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