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Tungsten Applications - Electrical Applications

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Tungsten Applications - Electrical Applications

Issue Time:2019-01-09
Tungsten Applications - Electrical Applications
Tungsten is practically the only material used for electron emitters. Although other, more electropositive, 

metals would yield higher emission rates, the advantage of tungsten is its extremely low vapour pressure 

even at high temperatures.This property is also important for electrical contact materials. While more 

conductive metals like copper or silver evaporate under the conditions of an electric arc, tungsten withstands 

The following list illustrates some of the resulting tungsten applications:

•         Directly heated cathodes or heater coils for indirectly heated cathodes in cathode ray tubes for TV 

           sets or computer displays, X-ray tubes, electron tubes, klystrons, magnetrons for microwave ovens;

•         Thoria or rare earth oxide alloyed rod electrodes for inert gas welding , as well as High Intensity 

           Discharge lamps;

•         Tungsten disks for substrate of high power semiconductor rectifying devices;

•         Sintered pure tungsten electrical contacts

•         Sintered tungsten-copper or tungsten-silver electrical contacts for high-voltage breakers

•         Infiltrated tungsten-copper or tungsten-silver contacts, made from very coarse (50-150 µm) tungsten 

           metal powder

•         High temperature furnace parts such as tungsten heating coils, reflectors and structural material

•         Tungsten / tungsten-rhenium thermocouples for measuring the temperature in such furnaces

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