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Source of Molybdenum Boat From Getwick

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Source of Molybdenum Boat From Getwick
Issue Time:2018-12-11
Source of Molybdenum Boat From Getwick
GETWICK  offer  and  supply  sintering  and  annealing  molybdenum  boats manufactured by folding, riveting, and welding. 
These boats are produced from ductile and homogenous molybdenum sheets or plates in top quality.
Our pure molybdenum boats have a purity 99.95% minimum. TZM and Mo-La boats are also available to order if you apply the boats in elevated temperature.

During sintering and annealing process in high temperature furnace, particle and powder material needs to be carried by a container which should be made of metals that resistant to heat and corrosion.

Molybdenum is one of the ideal metals for users and engineers. According to specific usage temperature and specific material to be treated, GETWICK are specialized in molybdenum sintering and annealing boat in various shapes. These boats are designed and manufactured by folding, riveting or welding, featuring accurate tolerance, defects-free corner quality and high dimension stability at elevated temperature.

Besides boats, we can also supply other shapes for loading such as traysbarrelsracks and any other particular form in compliance with your specific drawing.