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Molybdenum Products for Vacuum Furnaces

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Molybdenum Products for Vacuum Furnaces

Issue Time:2018-11-15
Molybdenum Products for Vacuum Furnaces
GETWICK offers value-added product solutions for various difficult applications like annealing of medical and aerospace products to essential specifications, heat treatment of large aerospace components in vacuum furnaces, and brazing of high production components in controlled-atmosphere furnaces.

GETWICK Products for Heat Treating and Furnace Markets

Getwick produces products made of tungsten, molybdenum, and alloys like TZM and ML for application in the heat treating and furnace markets. These materials exhibit optimal mechanical durability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, unmatched stability and strength, and high thermal and electrical conductivity at higher temperatures of 2000 °C.provides product solutions for all high-temperature furnace applications, including annealing, sintering and vacuum heat treating, in a variety of industries such as automotive, defense, aerospace, and medical. 

GETWICK provides the following product solutions:

Heating element materials
Vacuum furnace materials
Molybdenum and tungsten mill products
Hot zone replacement parts
Furnace parts
High-Temperature Furnace Applications

GETWICK manufactures molybdenum and tungsten materials for application in high-temperature argon and vacuum atmosphere furnaces. It provides services such as pre-characterization of materials, for example, evaluating material performance after being subject to high-temperature annealing.