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Tungsten Copper (WCu)2

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Tungsten Copper (WCu)2
Issue Time:2018-10-29
Tungsten copper (WCu)
This composite material has a heterogeneous structure, which usually is obtained by pressing and sintering tungsten powder.By immersion in liquid copper, the pores are infiltrated.In the manufacturing process of tungsten copper, various CU / Where - levels can be set.This is done by selection of particle size of the tungsten powder and setting of sintering parameters.In the selection of tungsten copper, the manufacturer should be informed of the approximate purpose as different manufacturing processes can affect the success of operations.

Tungsten and copper combine many of your individual properties in this man-made material.Tungsten is hard, wear-resistant, copper has good electrical and thermal

WCu is easy to machine, Is extremely Dimensionally stable and has a high thermal conductivity.The coefficient of expansion is minimized.

EDM electrodes, balance weights, high voltage breakers, welding electrodes, electrical
contacts, arrows / sports equipment, aerospace, shielding, power engineering and in various Applications of industry. Tungsten copper is used everywhere where other copper materials are at the power limit.

Tungsten copper can be machined well with carbide tools. Do not use too much cutting pressure. It can easily break out fine contours. Use a small feedrate or grindingmachining.
Tungsten copper has a completely fiber-free, fine-grained microstructure with high hardness and a high E- modulus.

We supply tungsten copper as:
• Semi-finished products in sintered form 
• In the standard compositions of 80/20 or 75/25
• Sheet/plate 
• drawing part to your specifications