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The Market Development Trend of Sputtering Target Industry

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The Market Development Trend of Sputtering Target Industry
Issue Time:2018-09-11
The Market Development Trend of Sputtering Target Industry
At present, high quality sputtering target products are mainly used in the semiconductor industry and display industry.

Semiconductor industry
With the rapid development of information technology, the integration degree of the integrated circuit is required to be improved and the size of the unit device in the circuit is reduced. The interior of each unit device consists of the substrate, insulation layer, media layer, conductor layer and the protective layer, the media layer, the conductor layer and even the protective layer in which all rely on sputtering coating technology, so sputtering target is one of the core materials for the preparation of integrated circuits. 

Tablet display industry (including touch screen industry)
Displays mainly include liquid crystal display (LCD), the plasma display (PDP), field luminescence display (EL), field emission display (FED), etc. In recent years, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) have gradually replaced cathode-ray tube displays (CRTs) and become the world’s mainstream display technology, and the main applications include high definition TV, laptop, desktop computer display and other electronic products. The display consists of the metal electrode, transparent conductive electrode, the insulating layer and luminous layer, sputtering technology has been used more and more frequently to prepare these films in order to ensure the uniformity of large area film layers so as to improve productivity and reduce cost.