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Molybdenum cup for PDC or PCBN

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Molybdenum cup for PDC or PCBN

Issue Time:2018-08-13
Molybdenum Cup is  used in polycrystalline diamond compact bit.  (PDC)

Molybdenum cup is mainly used in the production of diamond composite pieces, and diamond composite pieces are embedded in steel drill rods. The diamond composite bit produced by the cup has the following characteristics:

The drill is a one-piece drill bit, the whole bit no activity components, structure is simple, has high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance ability, is in the 1980 the three new drilling techniques. The field application proves that the diamond compound bit has the advantages of fast speed, more footage, long life, stable operation, less accidents underground and good well quality when drilling in soft - medium - hard stratum. Compared with diamond bit, it has the advantages of low cost and wide application range.