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Business License
  • Supplier Assessment Certificate

    Supplier Assessment Certificate

    Onsite assessment of the following area was conducted by SGS

    Update Time:2018-05-16
  • ISO9001:2015

    Quality Management System

    Scope of Certification: The production of Rare Metals

    Update Time:2018-02-06
Product Certificates
  • Molybdenum Boat for contionous sintering Patent

    To Declare the Patent of Continous Sintering Molybdenum Boat

    Invetor is Mr. Gao Qifei, who is the General Manager of Shaanxi Getwick Nonferrous Metals Co.,Ltd

    Update Time:2018-02-06
  • CE certificate

    Verfication Of Conformity

    Shaanxi Getwick Nonferrous Metals Co.,Ltd

    Product is produced in according with ASTM standard

    Update Time:2018-02-06